Science is all about looking around you and wondering   ‘what?’   ‘why?’    ‘how?’   ‘when?’   ….!

Our Science room is a space full of inviting items to look at, hold and wonder about. Stereomicroscopes help us to see small things more clearly.  We have insect, fish, reptiles and mammal specimens and rocks (….so many rocks!) to invite curiosity.  

Children are welcome to pop in any time to show a Science treasure or ask a question – and I am excited that they do!

More formally, our Science classes are based on practical activities and developing strong investigation skills. Students learn how to scientifically plan an investigation, how to use a wide range of equipment to collect valid and accurate data, how to present that data appropriately in tables and graphs and how to analyse the data to find the ‘answer!’  

Sounds exhausting?  It is but when they head off to high school and are confident with their Science Inquiry Skills I know my job is done!

We also learn how there is not always a clear cut answer and that Science often leads to more questions………..

Everyday our life depends on Science and the more we understand Science concepts the better our daily choices can be. 

Our students are encouraged to relate the Science they learn to their daily lives so they can see the impact Science has in everything they do. 

They are learning to ‘Look through the eyes of Science.’