At Armadale Primary School we aim to provide a highly effective Literacy program that is based on structured, explicit teaching and assessment. Our teaching staff provide rich stimulating learning environments that support our students to develop essential literacy skills and understandings based around the WA Curriculum.

The Literacy program at Armadale PS aims to develop student’s thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, knowledge and understandings. Our whole school approach to Literacy ensures continuity of teaching strategies from Kindergarten to Year 6 which is regularly reviewed by our staff throughout the school year.  We cater for the learning needs of all students through our differentiated curriculum, as well as a range of supplementary and support programs targeted at areas of need across the school. Our teachers are guided in their planning by the Early Years Learning Framework, the WA Curriculum (School Curriculum and Standards Authority), First Steps Literacy and the Armadale PS Literacy Plan.

At Armadale PS we incorporate a variety of evidence-based approaches and resources to ensure our students are receiving the best and most current practices in Literacy. These include:

• Whole school Literacy Block framework

• Synthetic Phonics Approach

• Reading Eggs (PP-1) & Literacy Pro (Yr 3-6) programs

• PAT-R and PM Benchmarks reading comprehension assessments

• Brightpaths Writing Assessment Program (from 2018)

• Oracy Speaking & Listening Assessment Program (Yr 6)

We are committed to supporting our staff in the implementation of best practice in their Literacy programmes through tailored Professional Learning. Literacy is highlighted in our school through special activities such as Book Week, student displays, competitions and awards. We are very proud of our achievements and milestones in the implementation of our Literacy program at Armadale PS.