Intake Area/Boundary Map

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The following defines the local-intake area of this school:

ARMADALE PRIMARY SCHOOL (Government Gazette Dec 1991)

The boundary for the above-mentioned school is as follows:
From Churchman Brook at the point where it is crossed by the locality boundary between Bedfordale and Roleystone, west and northwest along this boundary until it meets the locality boundary between Bedfordale and Kelmscott, northwest, and west and southwest along this boundary to Paterson Road, in a general southerly direction along Paterson Road to Canns Road, southwest along Canns Road to Carradine Road, southwest and south along Carradine Road to Albany Highway, west along Albany Highway to Armadale Road, west along Armadale Road to the railway line, south along the railway line to Eleventh Road, east along Eleventh Road to South Western Highway, south along South Western Highway to where the local authority boundary between the City of Armadale and the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale turns east and in a general eastsoutheasterly direction along the local authority boundary to Wungong Reservoir.

The boundary parts of Albany Highway (south side), Armadale Road (south side), Eleventh Road (north side) and South Western Highway (east side), are included within the area for Armadale Primary School, while the boundary parts of Paterson Road (both sides), Canns Road (both sides) and Carradine Road (both sides), are excluded from the area for Armadale Primary School.

Younger siblings of children currently attending Armadale Primary School but who reside outside its boundary, will not be permitted to enrol at Armadale Primary School unless written approval is obtained from the District Superintendent. The following is an optional area between Armadale and Kingsley Primary School:

From the junction of Albany Highway and Carradine Road, north and northeast along Carradine Road to Canns Road, northeast along Canns Road to Paterson Road, in a general northerly direction along Paterson Road to Salter Road, west along Salter Road and its westerly extension to Haslemere Drive, west along Haslemere Drive to Albany Highway, and south and east along Albany Highway to Carradine Road. The boundary parts of Carradine Road (both sides), Canns Road (both sides), Paterson Road (both sides), Salter Road (both sides) and Albany Highway (east and north sides), and the boundary street of Haslemere Drive (both sides) are included within the optional area.


The local-intake area maps are based on a written description of the local-intake area (LIA) for the school as published in the WA Government Gazette.  Although the map closely represents the LIA description, for some houses near the boundary (especially on street corners), it may be necessary to refer to the written description.  The street address of a residence is used to determine whether that dwelling is inside a particular LIA.  While local-intake areas for most schools do not change from year to year, changes may be made to local-intake areas as required.  Such changes are published in the WA Government Gazette and subsequently the local-intake area map will be updated.