School Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is organised by our P & C and staffed by volunteers. It is open once a fortnight on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays. For specific dates please consult the school newsletter.

If you are unable to visit the Uniform Shop you can  download the Uniform Order Form Term 2 2022 and return your child’s order and payment to the blue P and C box, which is located outside the Office of the Assistant Principals. Your order will then be completed and forwarded to your child’s classroom. The P&C can now take EFTPOS for new uniforms. Payment for 2nd hand uniforms can be made at the office and are cash only

A range of good quality pre-loved uniforms are available for purchase. These can be found on the clothes rack, located outside the Office of the Assistant Principals.

Our uniform shop is staffed by parent helpers, if you are able to assist on any of the open days, please contact Natasha Dorain via the shop. All assistance is appreciated.


Dress Code

The Armadale Primary School Board has established a dress code for all students attending the school. All students (Kindergarten to Year 6) are expected to wear the correct school uniform. Acceptance of the Dress Code is assumed upon enrolment at Armadale Primary School.

The Armadale school community believes a school Dress Code:

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school;
  • Assists in building school and team spirit;
  • Allows quick identification of our students and promotes a safer school environment;
  • Ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities;
  • Promotes equity among students; and
  • Fosters an understanding amongst students that being suitably groomed is an expectation of any future workplace.


Adherence of the Dress Code

Students not following the dress code will:

  • Be counselled by a designated staff member on the benefits of a dress code;
  • Have their parents or carer contacted to ensure that the family is aware of the dress code and to discuss why the student is not in school uniform;
  • Receive assistance/support in obtaining suitable clothing, if necessary; and may be given a pass for an agreed length of time for dress modification;
  • May be denied the opportunity to represent their school at official school activities, which include choir, sporting activities, school photographs and non-curricula excursions.

Students who, for religious or health reasons, may wish to apply for an exemption or modification to the school dress code are required to make an appointment with the school Principal. Staff will be informed of any student granted an exemption or modification to the dress code.

The School Uniform

Summer Royal Blue Pull-On Shorts

Royal Blue Rugger Shorts

Royal Blue Cargo Short

Red Polo Shirt (with school logo, blue line in collar and blue packard)

Blue Bucket Hat

Winter Royal Blue Cargo Pants

Royal Blue Track Pants

Royal Blue Zip Top Jacket Micro Fibre (with school logo)

Red polo shirt with logo as above

Blue Bucket Hat

Summer Royal Blue Sports Skirt

Royal Blue Dress Shorts

Royal Blue Skorts

Chequered Dress (available from school only)

Royal Blue Cargo Short

Red Polo Shirt (with school logo, blue line in collar and blue packard)

Blue Bucket Hat

Winter Royal Blue Bootleg Pants

Royal Blue Track Pants

Royal Blue Cargo Pants

Red polo shirt with logo as above

Blue Bucket Hat

Royal Blue Zip Top Jacket Micro Fibre (with school logo)

No jeans or black leggings please



To prevent unnecessary injury, children are required to wear some type of secure footwear. Thongs and slip-ons are not considered practical or safe in the school environment.

Joggers/sneakers must be worn on sports days and for PE lessons.



Small sleepers/stud earring in ears and a wrist-watch are acceptable. To minimise competitive dressing and for health and safety reasons the wearing of other jewellery is not acceptable or permitted.



When primary school students are in uniform, make-up (mascara, nail polish etc) is not to be worn. While the Board recognises that students may like to express their individuality through wearing a range of hair-styles, radical hairstyles are discouraged and the colouring of hair (with the exception of temporary colouring for school sports days) is not acceptable or compatible with the school uniform philosophy.



In line with recommendations from the Cancer Council of Western Australia, our school has adopted a ‘No hat – No play in the Sun’ policy. This means that for sport and physical education, children will not be able to participate unless they are wearing a school hat. During lunch and recess breaks, children without hats will be directed to the undercover area. This is for the protection of your child.



This is kept in a box at the back of the office. Parents are requested to clearly label all property with the child’s full name. Please check the lost property box for misplaced items. Children may do so before and after school each day. The lost property box is cleared at the end of each term. Items with names are returned to owners if possible and remaining items donated to charity.