Student Services

We have the following support services at our school. 

Please contact the school if you would like to access these services.


School Chaplain – Sandra Kocaj

Chaplaincy services play a key role in supporting public schools’ pastoral care provisions.  Schools’ pastoral care programs encompass a range of services and strategies that support the social and emotional wellbeing of students that is central to comprehensive educational provision in public schools.  Pastoral care is the practice of looking after the personal needs of students, not just their academic needs, through general support and advice.


School Psychologist – Jessica Leurs

The School Psychology Service provide specialist psychological assessment, diagnosis, intervention and consultation services to school staff and students.

The services offered are in the areas of:

  • behaviour and engagement
  • learning and motivation
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • emergency and critical incident management
  • change management and organisational development in schools.


Community Health (School) Nurse – Emily Cardy

School Health Services – The school health service promotes healthy development and wellbeing, helping students reach their full potential. School health nurses provide the service in partnership with schools. The school health service is free and confidential.

Services Available: 

  • Information and support to students (and their families) to help them make informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and development.
  • School-based immunisation programs. 
  • Providing a first point of contact for health care for students.
  • Referral to other health professionals if required.
  • Working with teachers to support health education sessions.
  • Student health and wellbeing programs.
  • Health assessments for vision, hearing and development, if required.
  • Helping school staff and parents develop health care plans for students with special needs (such as chronic disease, physical disability or other complex health conditions).
  • Parenting advice.


Dental Therapy Centre – located onsite at Armadale Primary School