School Hours and Attendance

Students should arrive at school at least 10 minutes before the first siren, to prepare for class.

The day will run as follows:
8.30am – Start of the school day
8.40am – 10.40 am – Sessions 1 and 2 (Classes begin)
10.40am – 11am – Recess
11am – 1pm – Sessions 3 and 4 
1pm – 1.40pm – Lunch
1.40pm – 2.45pm – Session 5 (Afternoon Lessons commence)
2.45pm – End of school day

We have an early closure each Wednesday where students finish at 2.30 pm. The timetable has been adjusted accordingly to ensure that children receive the full requirement of class time.

Absent from school

Under Section 25 of the School Education Act 1999, a child’s parents are requested to advise their class teacher in writing of the reason for their child’s absence on the child’s return to school or within three days of the child’s firsday of absence to meet with the requirements of the Education Act. This includes Pre Primary and Kindergarten. The Principal may also request a certificate from a medical practitioner to support the reason for absence.

School is compulsory for students from Pre Primary to Year 6. A student who misses more than 5 days a term is deemed to be at education risk.

If your child can not attend school please fill in the online absentee form.