At Armadale Primary School, student well-being is at the heart of everything we do.  Our staff provide a rigorous, supportive and inclusive learning environment based on reflective, evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning.

Students attending Armadale Primary School are encouraged to be independent and develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, as well as respect for each other and the environment.

We celebrate, acknowledge and foster strong links with the local community and work together to empower students with life-long learning skills that will prepare them contribute and participate in a diverse and rapidly changing global community.

At Armadale Primary School we work collectively to promote pride in our school and within  our community.

School Motto

Our school motto of Attitude, Persistence, Success accurately represents the values we promote for everyone associated with Armadale Primary School.

Values we seek for our students

The actions at Armadale Primary School are based upon the following core values:

  • Pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to achievement of potential;
  • Self acceptance and respect of self;
  • Respect and concern for others and their rights;
  • Social and civic responsibility; and
  • Environmental responsibility.

Outcomes we seek for our students

Major learning outcomes are that all students:

  • Demonstrate effective literacy skills for the present day;
  • Demonstrate effective mathematical skills for the present day;
  • Demonstrate the ability to find and use information using current technologies where appropriate;
  • Develop an understanding of their historical, social and cultural context;
  • Develop an understanding of the natural world, care for the environment and demonstrate an understanding of scientific principles;
  • Appreciate and understand how to achieve physical health and well being;
  • Develop a positive attitude and skills in music and the creative and practical arts;
  • Demonstrate purposeful application of knowledge, experiences and resources to create products and processes that meet human needs;
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate in a language other than English; and
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge and acceptance of the school’s established code of behaviour.