Our Staff

School Leadership and Innovation Team

Principal: Mr Warren Bachman

Assistant Principal: Mr Grant Moir

Assistant Principal:  Mrs Danielle Verissimo

Manager, Corporate Services:  Mrs Marlene Salbie


Learning Team Leaders:  Ms Rhonda Clark, Mrs Julie Harris,

Mrs Josephine Spencer, Mr Robert Devine


Office Support:  Mrs Victoria Rawlings; 

Executive Assistant to the Principal:  Mrs Natalie Keenan;

Library Officer:  Mrs Holly Marshall-Wood



Year Area Teacher
Kindergarten Joeys & Possums Kindergarten Ms Samantha Marsh
Kindergarten Quokkas

Pre Primary

PP1 Mrs Catherine Ratcliffe
Pre Primary 2 PP2 Ms Rhonda Clark & Ms Tracy Currie-Tink
Pre Primary 3 A02 Miss Amy Harvey & Ms Jemma Myers
1 3 Mrs Beth Edwards
1 4 Miss Talia Tucci
1/2 6 Miss Bonny Howard
2 7 Mrs Julie Harris
2 8 Mrs Kathryn Bailey & Ms Jemma Myers
4 14 Mrs Amber McCallum
3 16 Miss Amy Bassola
3/4 13 Mrs Josephine Spencer & Ms Emily Spicer
4 15 Ms Julie Clark
5 12 Mrs Bonnie Riley
5 11 Mrs Sarah Claus & Mr Richard Johnstone
6 9 Mr Trent Pattison
6 10 Mr Rob Devine
PP-6 Science Mrs Alanna Matrozis
1-6 Music Ms Bree Hartley
1-6 Physical  Education Mr Robert Rankin & Mrs Molly Pollard
3-6 LOTE (Indonesian) Mr Rob Rankin
 1-6 Health Mrs Amy Barnes


Education Assistants
Mrs Catriona List Mrs Theresa Churchill Mrs Sandra Baker Mrs Josie Stockden
Mrs Natalie Keenan Ms Rachael Hoolachan Ms Tammie Miller Mrs Deborah Scott
Mrs Jody Davies Mrs Marie Clarke Mrs Lyne Lantzke Miss Jessica Jarrett
Mrs Sandra  Morier Mrs Kerry-Lee Clarke
Manager Corporate Services

Marlene Salbie

School Officer

Victoria Rawlings

Natalie Keenan

Library Officer

Holly Marshall-Wood


Simon Candy

Canteen Manager P&C

Leanne Johnston

Cleaning Staff:

Steven Miller & Pat Dawson

Sandra Miller


If you can not find what you are looking for on this website or you would like to speak with the management team contact us:
Email: Armadale.PS@education.wa.edu.au
Phone: 08 9391 4500